Few consumer items are as mind-boggling as nutritional supplements. Fortunately, Dr. Weil has spent a lifetime researching nutrition and health, including which forms of nutrients are the most bioactive; that is, have the greatest potential to provide benefits. Dr. Weil offers three options for finding the best vitamins and supplements that are right for you.

Vitamin Advisor
Need help determining which vitamins and supplements are right for you?
  Vitamin Packs
Shop select combinations of vitamins and supplements designed to address common health concerns.

Dr. Weil's Vitamin Advisor is an online questionnaire that yields a free, personalized vitamin recommendation based on your lifestyle, diet, medications, and health concerns. Once completed, you have the option to purchase your custom vitamin plan.


Browse our popular, pre-packed vitamin and supplement support formulas. Each pack comes in a 30-day supply dispenser box, and is shipped directly to your door.


Organic and non-GMO Sourcing Policy:
Dr. Weil and the Weil Vitamin Advisor strongly support organic farming, which avoids the application of synthetic chemicals to food crops and uses no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We are actively engaged with our suppliers to source both organic and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. However, at this time, it is extremely difficult to qualify each ingredient back to an individual grower, which is required for complete assurance of organic and non-GMO status and labeling. Even though there are currently no clear non-GMO certification guidelines for dietary supplements, The Weil Vitamin Advisor is committed to being both organic and GMO-free by early 2015. As the result, you may see formulation changes as we continually increase the number of fully organic and non-GMO ingredients in our products. We vigorously support establishment of a national, rigorous testing and certification program for non-GMO foods and dietary supplement ingredients and are committed to this process.